Traffic Controllers

Ready for work: young and enthusiastic Traffic Controllers fully trained and licensed.

Orbital Traffic Management employs only professional and licensed personnel to carry out Traffic Control duties. Each operational employee – as a minimum – holds:

  • A valid WHS (formerly OH&S) induction card (White or Greed Card)
  • A driver’s license (at least P2)
  • At least a Blue and Orange RMS (RTA)
  • Traffic Controllers’ cards.
  • Traffic Controllers

To ensure all traffic controllers are versed in the latest techniques used in traffic management and safety, all RMS (RTA) traffic control qualifications expire after three years. With over one hundred operational staff employed a computerised database is used to ensure our staff licenses are current at all times, by alerting us to pending license expiries well ahead of time.

Every crew of will be supervised by a Ganger or site supervisor who will additionally hold a Red RMS card. The Red card qualification allows the supervisor to modify the traffic management plan (TMP) and /or traffic control plans (TCP) while on-site in order to overcome site issues unforeseen during the drafting process.

Our operational personnel are made up of a core group of permanent employees and a casual group numbering one hundred twenty two. Our congenial operations personnel work to procedures out lined in our certified Safe Work Method Statement which satisfies current (2013) legislation guidelines.

If you are interested in an exciting career as a Traffic Controller, please call or email us today!