Traffic Control Plans

A Traffic Control Plan (TCP) demonstrates a considered method of controlling pedestrians and vehicles through and around a worksite/construction zone.

How does it get made?

There are several stages in the creation of a Traffic Control Plan:

  • Our customer will fully explain the requirements of the traffic control scenario.
  • We determine whether the roadway is RMS-controlled, Local Government-controlled, or privately-controlled.
  • We identify the daily traffic flows (this is needed to determine the signage type and size).
  • Next a visit to the site will uncover local conditions such as the road speed, location of speed limit signs, any conflicting signage requiring concealment, roadway condition and usage, schools, bus stops, driveways, emergency services etc.
  • Once all this information is obtained our professional and accreted design personnel will tailor a TCP specifically for your worksite.

Traffic Control Plan

How long does it take to create a Traffic control plan? It typically takes three working days to complete a site Traffic Control Plan, however, Orbital Traffice offer an express same day service and can generate a plan for you almost immediately. To find out more or get a quote please call Orbital Traffic on 1300 761 855.