Permit Applications

What is a Road Occupancy Licence?

In order to interrupt the flow of traffic (either livestock or vehicular) a request must be be made to the road’s owner. Written permission is generally given to applicants by way of a Road Occupancy Licence (ROL) or letter of authority. This license will set out any special conditions, as well the times and dates that work may be carried out on the roadways. Often there is a fee and/or a bond required by the road’s owner.

What we can do

Orbital Traffic Management will make application to the road owner on behalf of our customer and obtain all necessary permits. Depending on the location and complexity of the customer’s job, cost for such approvals will vary. Each state and local government authority (e.g. Sydney Harbour Foreshore Authority or City Council), the RMS, or private road owners have their own form and pricing structure. Often multiple permits are required as some roads are owned by one authority and maintained by another.

We are ideally suited to liaise with all road owners on our customers’ behalf to obtain all necessary permits (including a Road Occupancy Licence) and permissions in the fastest possible time.

Contact our professional project management team for fast application lodgement. Call or email us today.