Supplying quality and cost-effective traffic management services to the Service and Construction Industries.


Traffic Control Plans

A Traffic Control Plan (TCP) demonstrates a considered method of controlling pedestrians and vehicles through and around a worksite. They are essential for any road works. We offer a three day service, or a dedicated Express Service for same-day creation and delivery

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Permit Applications

What is a Road Occupancy Licence? In order to interrupt the flow of traffic (either livestock or vehicular) a request must be be made to the road’s owner. Written permission is generally given to applicants by way of a Road Occupancy Licence (ROL) or letter of authority. This license will set out any special conditions,

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Qualified Traffic Controllers

Ready for work: young and enthusiastic Traffic Controllers fully trained and licensed. Orbital Traffic Management employs only professional and licensed personnel to carry out Traffic Control duties. Each operational employee – as a minimum – holds: A valid WHS (formerly OH&S) induction card (White or Greed Card) A driver’s license (at least P2) At least a

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Directional Arrow Board

At Orbital Traffic Management we use two types of Directional Arrow Boards, Vehicle-mounted “B”-Type and the Trailer-mounted “C”-Type arrow boards. Pictured is one of our “C”-Type arrow boards, which are used on high speed or high trafficated (>6000) roads and highways. For safety reasons, all Orbital’s traffic control vehicles are fitted with vehicle-mounted “B”-Type Arrow

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Variable Message Board

Orbital Traffic Management has a range of small and large Variable Message Boards. These VMSs are available for short or long term hire. Included within our hire fee is the cost of delivery, recovery, service, cleaning and insurance. The entire range is now solar powered and are capable of being re-messaged remotely using a computer

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Traffic Control Vehicles

Orbital Traffic Management has a late-model fleet of 56 Traffic Control Vehicles. General traffic control is undertaken from all of the vehicles in our fleet. In addition to this, eight specially-fitted trucks may be used for emergency break-down response. (For more information please refer to Emergency Response Vehicles.) Each of our vehicles is routinely stocked

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Emergency Response Vehicles

Orbital Traffic Management has eight specially fitted Traffic Control and Emergency Response Vehicles. These vehicle are used by contractors to provide traffic control on mission-critical artirial routes where a single vehicle break-down could have a significant impact on the city’s traffic flow. By quickly attending vehicle break-downs within the construction zone, our trained personnel are

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