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Orbital Traffic Management

Orbital Traffic Management is a supplier of quality Traffic Management services for operation in the greater Sydney area. Our company was formed in early 2002 with the first crew rolling out in October 2002. Specialist Traffic Control is a relatively new concept commencing in the mid 1980′s.

The purpose of Traffic Control is to make safe for the motoring public, pedestrians and workman alike construction areas, which impact on public areas and roads. Traffic Control is undertaken by a systematic consideration of the conditions to be encountered at each site and implementing an RTA standard plan or designing a specific plan for the control of traffic. The design and implementation of Orbital Traffic Management’s approach is based upon qualified personnel using the Australian Standards AS 1742.3 and the N.S.W. Roads and Traffic Authority’s Traffic Control at Work sites manual V3.

Orbital Traffic Management’s operational centre is located at 3/480 Victoria Street Wetherill Park NSW. This depot is where some of our vehicles are stored, our service facility along with operational administration and equipment storage.

Our modern fleet of traffic management vehicles are fully fitted with the latest Australian standard equipment including; all necessary signage, directional arrow boards and personal safety equipment. The high visibility decal and general presentation of our purposeful vehicle fleet offer a great degree of day and night visibility, hence safety and public exposure.

When at a clients work sites our traffic controllers (usually in pairs) setup according to a relevant plan a series of signs, barricade, traffic cones and illuminated directional arrow boards to direct traffic safely around or through the work sites.


Since our inception Orbital Traffic Management has worked with industrial bodies to provide a stable entity so our customers may be assured of reliable and hassle free worksite relations. Firstly, we have one of a very few RMS accredited WHS (formerly OH&S) systems. Our work cover record to date is unblemished. We have a ratified enterprise agreement with the Australian Workers Union. Our staff enjoy the benefits of the CBUS superannuation scheme. We are fully accredited as an Approved Contractor for Traffic Management Services by the LGP.

Steve Flaskis, Operations

Graham Martin, Operations