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Welcome to Orbital Traffic Management

Orbital Traffic Management is a supplier of quality traffic management services for operation in the greater Sydney area. Our company was formed in early 2002 with the first crew rolling out in October 2002. Specialist Traffic Control is a relatively new concept commencing in the mid 1980′s.

Orbital Traffic Management Sydney is uniquely branded and readily identified all around Sydney by their superior quality traffic services to all construction and service sites. We have selected suitable modern high profile vehicles and uniquely presented them for as much public display as for functionally and safety. Our brand is now recognized by the Roads and Maritime Services (RMS) and major construction and road builders as the premier traffic management company.

By carrying out traffic services in the most professional way Orbital has bench-marked the industry where to date others have not surpassed.

Who We Are

Our vehicles are fully equipped with the latest traffic control technology and equipment while our staff that are thoroughly trained and practiced are able to deploy traffic services in a fast, reliable and safe manner in comparison with the other traffic control companies. It should be noted that our fast, reliable on time service has created productivity increases for our clients as never before seen on the Sydney road network that is why we are also known by this name "Traffic Control Sydney" providing traffic control services all over sydney.

Our modern fleet of traffic control and management vehicles are fully fitted with the latest Australian standard equipment including; all necessary signage, directional arrow boards and personal safety equipment. The high visibility decal and general presentation of our purposeful vehicle fleet offer a great degree of day and night visibility, hence safety and public exposure.

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